Our agency was the first one to start the activitie of renting inflatable boats in Cala Gonone. 
Claudio Sorrenti, the founder and owner of Blu Marine was one of the first person who make people, of different parts of the world, discover the beautiness of the Gulf of Orosei, its beaches, its caves, its fjords and coves. His passion for the sea, for the underwater photography, for journalism toghether with his business attitude contributed to create such an important reality which brings turists f every part of the world in the little village of Cala Gonone. His doughter, Erika, with her staff, is going on with the mission to make everyone discver the hidden charm of Sardinia.

A wide range of inflatable boats for rent, with or without licence, with or without skipper, marine excursions, minicruises to visit wonderfull beaches and coves, fjords and caves of the Gulf of Orosei. Your sactisfation is our real mission!
Our inflatable boats are equipped  can carry from 7 to 14 people and are equipped with all the necessary safety devices. Our engines are of 40/115/200 hp.

Adventure Awaits

Services and activities



€50Starting From
Marine excursions to Cala Luna, Cala Goloritze, Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala dei Gabbiani, Grotte del Bue Marino and many other wonderful destinations.
Piscine di venere blu marine excursion


€45Starting From
A tour that will cross the wonderful unspoiled corners of the Gulf of Orosei, with a stop in Cala Mariolu for swimming and sunbathing.

Inflatable Boats

€200Starting From
Book yor inflatable boat for rent, with or without skipper. We own inflatable boats that you can drive with or withut a licence.
Prestiamo molta attenzione alle esigenze del turista. Offriamo la possibilità di prenotare i servizi gratuitamente.
Offriamo una costante assistenza gratuita, per il vostro benessere ed il vstro confort durante tutta la giornata in mare.
Forniamo tutti i dispositivi  e le attrezzature di bordo necessarie a garantire una navigazione in sicurezza.